Mevo Start Live Production & Streaming Camera


Stream live to every major platform instantly, simultaneously! 

Mevo Start

Live Stream your class, religious/music event or a meeting to any social and / or private network of your choice, while utilizing the inbuilt AI to have simultaneous live editing through your phone, tablet or computer.

A full production camera and editing studio all wrapped up in one device. What normally costs thousands, now costs $819.00 + GST!

AI Onboard

Auto Editing

Mevo App Auto editing

Using sophisticated face detection and advanced scene analysis, Autopilot Mode chooses the most interesting shot and edits the stream for you.

One Camera, Multiple Shots

Mevo App multiple angles

Open Multi View to enable easy live-switching. Use manual and auto-trackers to create up to nine custom camera angles. Select any shot with a simple tap.

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