3M Draws Crowds at ISE with Virtual Mannequin

Heralded as the next interactive technology concept for attracting attention and driving sales at point-of-sale, the 3M Virtual Mannequin made an appearance at ISE 2009 in Amsterdam this week.

The Virtual Mannequin is made from 3M’s Vikuiti Rear Projection Screen technology. In an in-store environment, for example, a video of a salesperson is recorded in the first instance and the Vikuiti Screen is laser cut to the exact shape and size of their upper body.

The Screen is placed on the retail floor upon a stand (or custom-made static display representation of the lower half of the body). A rear mounted projector controls video delivery to the Screen and synchronizes with directional speakers (positioned down by the Virtual Mannequin’s feet).

Sounds like a great idea for corporate reception, too.

Lightweight, yet rigid structure and slim 5mm profile make Vikuiti Rear Projection Screen a fit for free-standing installations. Available in 4:3 and 16:9 formats and sizes from 1.5m (60”) up to 2.4m (95”) diagonal.