ACETA Confirmed Convention Program


Inaugural ACETA Industry Convention – Friday 4th – Sunday 6th May 2018

It’s a sign of abundant activity and progress that we struggled to find the most relevant content for the first ACETA editorial in 2018.

An overview of 2017 was planned; however, it was clear that the confirmed inaugural convention program, needed to be presented here and now, to assist individuals and organisations make the necessary bookings before time and opportunity elapses.

In committing to this inaugural watershed event, wisdom dictates that those who pre-prepare and set outcome goals for themselves and their organisations will realise optimum benefit, as you will note an abundance of high quality events across an extremely wide variety of highly relevant subject matter.

But first, a couple of topical news briefs.

1. Self-regulation of product compliance deliberations is currently underway with the ACMA. In a positive outcome, ACETA members would be exempt from the RCM legislation and subject to our own standard now under development.

Self-regulation will deliver conservation of financial and other resources, reduced confusion, a more compliant culture, assistance to become compliant in a co-operative non-punitive environment, enhanced credibility and an industry taking control of its development and future.

Please note; non-ACETA members would be subject to the RCM legislation as regulated and administered by the ACMA.

2. Those members who display their ACETA membership/associate membership on their corporate documents and forums, including web site, social media, letterheads, price lists and business cards etc. report increased and positive responses. Some are now including their membership and the ACETA logo in their tenders and quotes to positive effect.

A number report productive outcomes when negotiating new agencies, some have even been approached by potential supply partners based on the ACETA web site listing.

Therefore, it is a wasted opportunity if a member/associate member doesn’t use an increasingly important marketing aid and business development tool to their advantage. For those who haven’t realised the benefit or have forgotten, please contact ACETA HQ for artwork, it is free and part of the benefits.

3. All members and associate members will soon receive a unique ACETA mark (consisting of letters and numbers) for categorising and identification purposes in meeting the needs of self-regulation and those of funding bodies.

Now to the inaugural convention program:

Inaugural ACETA Industry Convention – Friday 4th – Sunday 6th May 2018

Detail of each conference event can be found here

Bookings and other information go to:


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