Altinex Debuts HM200-100 Sports Bar Video Distribution System

Altinex has introduced the HM200-100 Sports Bar Video Distribution System. With support for 12 inputs, 48 outputs and four audio zones right out of the box, Altinex says the HM200-100 provides all the infrastructure to implement a large-scale sports bar AV system.

The Altinex HM200-100 provides 12 video inputs for satellite receivers and 48 video outputs for displays; along with four audio outputs that can be routed to any zone. The system can be expanded to 20 inputs, 120 outputs and eight zones. Each video output can be extended to 100 meters (328 feet).

The HM200-100 comes pre-configured with all inputs and outputs pre-defined. All IP addresses are assigned to work with 1GBaseT and 10GBaseT routers and the HM200-100 optionally includes a 48-port router that is expandable to 64 and 96 ports. In addition to a hardwired router, a wireless access point can be setup to control the system through a web interface.

The Altinex HM200-100 Sports Bar Video Distribution System is shipping, lists for $29,950. Here are the details.