Altinex Ships MUSE HDMI Transmitter and Receiver Set – We Think?

altinex-MU400-111_main-0613Altinex has just started to ship its Muse HDMI+Power+IR Transmitter and Receiver, which sends HDMI, RS232 and IR control signals up to 300 feet (90 m) over a single shielded or unshielded Cat6 cable. Consisting of the MU400-111 transmitter and the MU500-112 receiver, the set can transmit up to 150 watts of power (and can therefore power most LED displays). Of course, the actual power available to the load depends on the gauge and length of the cable. Altinex says Muse video distribution is compliant with HDMI with HDCP and it’s all housed in a metal enclosure with a built-in temperature controlled cooling fan.

The Altinex transmitter and receiver combination has a built-in IR channel that facilitates sending IR signals from the receiver (display side of the system) back to the transmitter (source side) to control the AV equipment. In the press release for the product, Altinex said that it’s available in the headline, but in the body of the text, it states that it will ship Q3 2013.

All the specs are here.