Amber Technology launches Learning Glass


Amber Technology launches Learning Glass lightboard products in Australia and New Zealand

Created by Dr Matt Anderson, Physics Professor at San Diego State University, Learning Glass allows lecturers and presenters to scribe instructional text and drawings onto a transparent glass board, while the audience can see through to the scriber.

The Learning Glass lightboard has internal lighting to illuminate clear and crisp writing or drawings, while electronically flipping the image to enable the audience to read text in the correct direction.

“Learning Glass is looking forward to developing our partnership with Amber Technology to introduce our technology to the Australian education market” said Dr Matt Anderson, CEO and President of Learning Glass. “Like the team at Amber, our commitment to quality and service is unrivalled.”

“Amber Technology is excited to include Learning Glass in its expanding portfolio of brands,” commented Peter Amos, managing director, Amber Technology.

“Its innovative technology is an exciting addition to our range, and complements Amber Technology’s current projector and interactive screen brand offering, providing installers and integrators with an even stronger range of solutions to meet different customer requirements.”

Learning Glass technology provides K-12 to higher education institutions, businesses and media production companies an innovative solution to deliver engaging and informative content, while improving the viewer’s experience.

Amber Technology launched Learning Glass Lightboard products at its Showcase Road Show which ran in major cities across Australia during July and August 2019.

News from CX Magazine – Sept 2019 p.8.

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