An ACME Double


An ACME double

By Julius Grafton.

Acme MP-400Z IP:  

This handy PAR has 7 x 30w Osram RGBW LED, and is IP 65 rated as “dust tight” and protected against water projected from a nozzle. The electronics are out the back in a die cast aluminum case, with the lens and zoom up front in a sealed compartment.

The center section with the heatsink has mesh ventilation so water going through that doesn’t matter. It draws 250 watts of mains with every-thing running and produces a 6 – 40 degree beam. There is a virtual colour wheel including white optional with between 2700 and 10k colour temperature. It comes with 4 channels of colour RGBW and also pre-programmed factory preset colours.

The important stuff: weight is 8.5kg, the 16 bit dimming appeared smooth over a ten second fade. The fan runs at a quiet 42dB, thereafter the unit will retard output to maintain temperature.

Acme XA-500 Framing Spot:

This guy has a 440 watt led engine that draws 650 watts of power consumption. It produces a regular motorized linear zoom, with 14 – 35 degrees beam spread and 7500 degrees k colour temp. It offers linear CTO – it will go down to 2700 degrees in a linear fashion. There is 1 x colour wheel with 6 x colours, 2 x gobo wheels, with 8 static and 2 rotating gobos. There is CMY colour mixing, and prisms: a 3 facet circular, (this puts three images in frame) and a 5 facet linear (in a line) prism. They both rotate. A Motorised iris and 4 framing shutters, rotatable up to 180 degrees. There is a battery backed up menu, and it weighs 32kg. From what I could see it presents a completely flat beam.




Brand: ACME
Model and Price: ACME Stage Par MP 400Z IP – $1285 inc GST / ACME XA-500F – $6000 inc GST Distributor: ULA Group

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