Andrew Crawford in the mix at TAG

Technical Audio Group (TAG) has appointed Mr Andrew Crawford as Master of Mixing – a role focused on Allen & Heath products especially dLive.  

This newly created role is part of Allen & Heaths engineer empowerment process. ‘The new generation of Allen & Heath digital mixers are hugely capable’ said TAG’s CTO Silvio Miconi. ‘Part of Andrews role will be to help engineers harness that and assist them in delivering great mixes and efficient audio workflows.’  

A very skilled FOH operator in his own right Andrew is also an accomplished trainer and demonstrator and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role.   

‘My background is audio engineering primarily behind the console both live and recording,’ explained Andrew.  ‘That’s my passion and I’ve been lucky enough to pursue it right from school.’  

Andrew started with PA People and a smorgasbord of live mixing applications from rock and roll to symphony orchestras and opera. Then followed a period of designing and mixing theatre shows and touring nationally. Andrew then spent ten years with Hillsong as studio recording engineer where he recorded and produced the Hillsong album catalogue of that era. He also mixed the Hillsong world tours traveling to every continent and using every FOH set up imaginable! Andrew subsequently joined Jands as Production Audio Specialist in a product training, demonstration and support role with a focus on Soundcraft. 

‘I’ve been a keen observer of A&H’s digital mixing strategy for a number of years,’ said Andrew. ‘A&H is on a very aggressive development path and the recently introduced dLive and now SQ are very accessible and powerful tools. The dLive platform is especially capable and hard to beat so it’s great to get hands on and be part of the A&H process.’ 

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