Atlas Adds Line of BlueBridge DSP Controllers

BB-816DT-back-0613Atlas Sound’s new line of DSP controllers are being released under the Atlas Sound BlueBridge brand. The BlueBridge family of products feature drag and drop, open architecture software and can operate on any network. Each model utilizes high quality microphone preamps and 24 bit converters to obtain ultra-low noise floor while still maintaining a smooth sound, with the flexibility and control a system designer requires. BlueBridge models use a 40 Bit Floating Point DSP engine to prevent digital clipping and to obtain maximum speed and power to process advanced algorithms in complex system designs. Models are available in configurations ranging from 2 I/O to 16 I/O with all models using the same DSP engine. Additionally, Atlas offers four models that feature Dante inputs/outputs allowing for true digital audio transmission over the network.

BlueBridge Models Include:

  • TSD-BB22 2 In/2 Out Configuration
  • TSD-BB44 4 In/4 Out Configuration
  • BB-88(DT) 8 In/8 Out Configuration (w/Dante)
  • BB-816(DT) 8 In/16 Out Configuration (w/Dante)
  • BB-168(DT) 16 In/8 Out Configuration (w/Dante)
  • BB-1616(DT) 16 In/16 Out Configuration (w/Dante)
  • BB-816AECDT 8 In/16 Out Configuration with Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Dante

All of them are here.