ATUC-IR Hybrid Infrared Discussion System from Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica has expanded the company’s conferencing/discussion solutions with the ATUC-IR Hybrid Infrared Discussion System. The hybrid design allows hundreds of infrared and wired discussion units to be combined into a single system. The ATUC-IR Hybrid Infrared Discussion System provides 24-bit/48 kHz uncompressed digital audio for natural-sounding voice reproduction, along with a 12-band feedback suppressor that enables higher volume levels. IR transmission requires no frequency coordination and keeps signals safe and secure, with no information leakage.

A single system may be scaled to support a total of 200 ATUC-IRDU infrared discussion units together with 100 ATUC-50 wired discussion/integration/interpretation (DU/IU/INT) units from a single ATUC-IRCU control unit. Further, up to two existing ATUC-50CU wired control units may be linked to the new ATUC-IR hybrid infrared system to integrate an additional 100 DU/IU/INT units each, for a grand total of 500 DU/IU/INT units.

The 19″ rack-mountable ATUC-IRCU control unit can be operated locally, through Web Remote interface (no software required) or third-party IP control systems. It offers three selectable conference modes (free talk, request-to-talk, and full remote) with various override settings. The unit can record WAV and MP3 files onto a connected USB mass storage device. Connections include two Mic/Line inputs, two AUX inputs and two interpretation return inputs. The ATUC-IRCUDAN version includes all the features of the ATUC-IRCU plus a Dante output with redundancy.

The ATUC-IRDU Discussion Unit may be used with a choice of three gooseneck condenser microphones, two hypercardioid and one line cardioid, each of differing lengths. Intended for two users, the unit includes dual request-to-talk/mute buttons, indicator LEDs, and 3.5 mm (1/8″) headphone jacks with volume controls, giving both users equal access to the microphone. Microphone choices include the ATUC-M43H hypercardioid condenser gooseneck (446.0 mm/17.56″ long); ATUC-M58H hypercardioid condenser gooseneck (596.0 mm/23.46″ long); and ATUC-M32L line cardioid condenser gooseneck (320.0 mm/12.60″ long). The ceiling-mount ATUC-IRA IR Transmitter/Receiver Unit is designed for reception and transmission of the IRDU signals (maximum range 6 m/19.5 ft.). The unit has a white finish, measures 130 mm (5.1″) W x 35 mm (1.4″) D x 130 mm (5.1″) H and includes all mounting hardware. Additional components of the new ATUC-IR Hybrid Infrared Discussion System include the ATUC-IRD IR Distributor, a mountable 2-to-1 BNC cable distributor, and the 10-slot ATCS-B60 Charger that recharges the LI-240a lithium batteries used in the ATUC-IRDU units.

All the specs are here.

Check out a video of the ATUC-IR Infrared Discussion System from InfoComm 2019 below: