Audio Design Demonstrates Modular Distributed Audio for MDU, Tract and Custom Home Markets

Audio Design Associates showed at the CEDIA Lifestyles Expo the SWAN system (Structured Wiring Audio Network) – a multi-room audio system aimed at the MDU, tract home and custom built home markets. The company says they designed this to be an easier sell to builders. It lets dealers sell the pre-wire package and structured wiring box to the builder or developer, and then work directly with the home buyer prior to closing.

SWAN is billed as a high performance, entry-level priced modular audio system that fits into standard structured wiring cabinets mounted in between wall studs. This way, SWAN eliminates the need for custom entertainment cabinets and racks.

SWAN is compatible with all source components — HD and satellite tuners, DVD players, iPods, cable-boxes, etc. It runs on CAT5.

Included with SWAN is PC software that lets installers set up each zone’s acoustical settings such as bass, mid-range, treble and active loudness contour. SWAN also features four “Party Groups” that make it easy to turn on several rooms with the press of just one button. SWAN can also be used to play door chimes through its paging input as well as provide room-to-room paging when using ADA’s Phone Suite accessory.

ADA expects SWAN to be ready to ship to dealers this summer. ADA will set pricing closer to that time.

For more information, visit here.