AV Junction Debuts New Enterprise Subscription Plan at InfoComm

AV Junction, an online platform that connects employers with independent contractors, today announced the market availability of a new Enterprise Subscription Plan that will enable system integration and hiring firms to better manage their existing network of freelancers while also allowing them access to AV Junction’s database. The Enterprise Subscription Plan users will also get the following benefits:

  • Centralized contractor management system
  • Simplification, consolidation and regulation of the process of hiring and managing independent AV service providers
  • Flexible payment options
  • The ability to set company-wide user permissions and administrator levels
  • Increased control and visibility of projects and hiring details
  • Increased transparency of quote negotiation and work order creation to maintain job performance standards
  • Flexible labor pool of independent AV service providers
  • The ability to invite existing independent contractors or service providers
  • Access to AV Junction’s public database of independent AV contractors around the world
  • Browse AV Junction’s growing public network and hire resources in unfamiliar locations
  • Promoted profile and job postings within the company’s platform
  • Increased visibility of job postings to attract the best possible talent
  • The ability to maintain historical hiring records of independent AV service providers

AV Junction is here.