AV Stumpfl Demos Uncompressed 8K Server with 12Bit Color Space

wings-engine-raw_small-1116Promising to impress integrators, operators and exhibition designers, the Wings Engine Raw 8K claims to be the only media server of its type to offer uncompressed image quality of up to four simultaneous streams of 4K resolution (making one 8K image via a 2×2 configuration) for playback of native content. This server is also spec’d to handle 120fps as well as stereoscopic 3D imaging. And the Wings Engine Raw 8K media servers are capable of displaying visuals using a full 12-bit color space.

easttowerandterracewall_casaloma_1116All Wings Engine Raw media servers now come with Dual 10 GBit network cards and certified NAS (network attached storage) systems that are certified 10 GBit switches.

In addition to the new 8K server, the Wings Vioso RX software now features a dedicated data management and transfer system that does not require all data to be physically copied onto a “Master” server. Instead, data can be copied to the NAS and assigned as so called “Proxy Objects” in the timelines. All “Slave” servers can now get their content directly from the NAS systems. Wings Vioso RX also features a built in XML interface which can be used to import data from third parties. Timelines can be generated automatically from third party data this way, to create a smooth workflow for integrating existing CMS data into new installation/digital signage setups.

Here are all the tech specs.