AVidea Group Launches iminate Keypad and Dimmer

AVidea Group (AViG) announces two new iminate products, the keypad and the simmer. The backlit keypad is available in four versions: the Keypad HV (high voltage) installs in a standard wall box and accepts either AC or DC power. It’s two-button Decora design is for three-way switch applications. The Keypad LV (low voltage) is for those locations where high voltage wiring isn’t present. Power this with low-voltage on a Category wire or put in a 9V battery. It will last up to a year, and the Keypad LV will let you know when it’s time to change the battery. The Keypad SM (surface mount) accepts four AAA batteries and is surface mounted. Users can simply put it on the wall, or on a desk, or carry it around. Finally, the five-button has more, well, buttons! 

The Dimmer has all the same features, and controls lighting or a fan. The Dimmer contains a light sensor to monitor and maintain preset lighting levels to never allow the room to get dark, or surprise users by suddenly turning on the lights  

Like all iminate products, no central hub is required so you can start with a single Keypad or Dimmer and scale from there. The Dimmer’s is $129.95; the Keypad HV – $79.95; the Keypad LV – $59.95; the Keypad SM – $49.95; and the 5 Button – $79.95.

Here are more tech specs.