Axeos Launches Stand-Alone (aka: Not Ugly) Huddle Space Furniture Pod

Someone has finally launched a “not-ugly” huddle space furniture solution. Axeos, a french furniture company, just launched a new range of AV-focused collaboration and technology integrated (that it calls “Connected Conference Space”) furniture — we would call it a pre-fabricated huddle space dubbed the MX POD.

Our MX POD is designed for collaboration and open-plan office organizations. Designed to allow for AV integrators to add both AV and collaborative gear, it’s supposed to create a huddle space out of any space in an office. It’s self-contained, round and includes a table with a connection panel and it can accommodate a display from 32’” to 40’”. Axeos also says, mechanically, it’s acoustic correction design absorbs noise and contributes to the comfort and the concentration of attendees. The off-the-shelf design seats four. The total height is 1500 millimeters, total diameter is 2220 mm, seat height is 450 mm and it uses a standard table height of 740 mm.

Here are all the detailed mechanical specs.