Barco Adds Mobile App for X2O – and New Version, Too

Barco is releasing a new version of its X2O visual communications platform, and a new mobile app extending the reach of an organization’s visual communications network beyond the desktop to every user’s mobile device. The products will be available beginning July 15, 2017.

The latest version of the X2O visual communications platform will integrate with Active Directory, enabling owners to manage all authentication and authorization elements. Internal communications managers will also see improved viewing analytics like insight into how often messages are viewed by both X2O Desktop and Mobile Apps.

The X2O mobile app, available for iOS and Android tablets and cellphones, was designed to reach out to remote and on-the-go employees with real-time information, providing instant access to corporate content wherever they are located.

The X2O visual communications platform engages employees by using real-time information — from company announcements and critical alerts, to targeted notifications, dashboards and videos — and broadcasts them across all public displays and employee devices on the network.

You can learn more here.