Barco XDL Laser Projector Now Carries a 75K-Lumen Spec

Barco is launching a new range of laser projectors dubbed the XDL. Designed specifically for very large venues and events, the XDL is spec’d to be Rec. 2020 color, uses a native (4096×2160) 4K resolution 3-chip DLP system and can handle content up to 120Hz. The XDL will be launched to coincide with InfoComm 2018.

The XDL series also carries the brightest lumen spec ever, up to 75,000 lumens. Barco also says the XDL speeds up the installation process by reducing cable hassle and alignment time because the projectors provide a lens shift of up to 100 percent. And, images can be matched to the projection surface with the on-board real-time warping and blending feature.

Companies that already own Barco XLD+ lenses will be able to reuse them on the XDL projectors. Because they are all using a laser light source, image flicker and lamp-related costs and maintenance (such as lamp replacements) are eliminated. Compared to xenon projectors, the XDLs also consume 40% less power and ensure minimum downtime.

Here are all the specs and options.