BenQ MX661 BYOD Projector Launched

top_mx661-0713BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is something you’ll read about a lot over the next 12 months. Why? Well, because it’s the latest buzzword and people in technology like to sound forward-thinking. So, it’s no surprise that BenQ is using the BYOD term to market the MX661’s multi-user connectivity wireless capabilities — something that’s been around for years in projectors from Barco, Christie and Sony. The MX661 is a 3000-lumen, 1-chip DLP XGA (1024×768) projector that when paired with the QPresenter app allows up to four participants to collaborate and share documents, photos and Internet content directly from their tablets to the projector.

Spec’d at 13,000:1 contrast ratio, the MX661’s inputs include VGA, HDMI and network content port. It’s integrated with BenQ’s SmartEco technology — when using the projector’s SmartEco mode, the MX661 automatically adjusts lamp power by up to 70 percent to use just the right amount of brightness, resulting in a 6,500 hours of lamp life. Another GreenAV feature is the projector’s “Eco Blank” mode that allows presenters to blank out the screen whenever projection isn’t needed, while a “No Source Detected” mode automatically lowers brightness to 30 percent when no display has been detected for more than three minutes. In “Standby” mode, the projector will lower power consumption to less than 0.5 W during periods of inactivity, providing even more energy savings.

The MX661 lists for $859 and all the detail are here.