Best 10.2-inch iPad Cases in 2019: Variety of Good-Looking Suits for Your iPad

Best 10.2-inch iPad Cases

Unlike iPad Pro, Apple’s 7th-gen iPad doesn’t have high-end specs. Nor does the tablet boast an impressive edge-to-edge screen. But a fairly impressive 10.2-inch Retina Display, quite efficient A10 Fusion chip, and more than the decent camera (8-megapixel rear camera and 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera) make the tablet a fantastic pick for the budget-minded customers and fringe-players who are willing to become a part of Apple ecosystem without spending plenty of bucks.

If you are one of those who have bought the 2019 iPad and are on the lookout for the cases that can make a nice pair with the device, you have arrived at the right place. In this lineup, we have assembled the best 10.2-inch iPad cases. From classy covers, sleek suits to modern sleeve covers, the following collection has a variety of suits that can win over your all-new iPad – and of course your taste. So, let’s swim across the roundup to get one for your device right now!

Best iPad 7 Cases in 2019

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#1. Apple Smart Keyboard

Apple Keyboard Case for iPad 7 10.2-inch

Whenever I have rounded up the best cases for iPad, I have made it a point to mention Apple Smart Keyboard as it’s highly efficient. And I’m going to keep the record intact this time around as well.

Though the case seems way too expensive at $159 for an iPad that comes at just $329, I think many people would still like to buy it. Featuring a full-size keyboard, it turns the tablet into a very handy laptop. And thanks to the responsive keys, it makes typing more convenient.

Using the Smart Connector, it quickly connects to the tablet. On the protection, the Smart Keyboard has just enough sturdiness to withstand impact and also keep scratches away.

USP: Full-size keyboard
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#2. Harber London

Harber London 10.2-inch iPad Sleeve

With the latest iPad 7th Gen., Apple has brought some magnanimous features to this affordable tablet. And when you have a robust device like that, you have to have a sleeve to match it. Harber London Sleeve is just the right match.

With Slim design, front-and-back pockets, anti-scratch zip teeth, inner leather loop to hold your Apple Pencil and other Pens, this case is all that you need for your new iPad. But wait, did I say that you can even fit your iPad with the smart-keyboard, I am great right.

USP: Hand-crafted in Spain
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#3. Soke Luxury Series

Soke 10.2-inch iPad 7 Generation Case

Soke has come with a complete cover for the 2019 10.2″ iPad. The case is made of PU leather and features exceptionally durable PC and TPU shell that can endure even nasty bumps.

The company touts that it can offer 360-degree safeguard to the iPad. And looking at the protective form-factor, I can buy the claim without any doubt.

Another feature that is worth mentioning is the enhanced viewing experience – courtesy the six magnetic stand angles. So, if you want to have more flexible viewing angles, you should keep this cover in mind.

Luxury Series case comes with a holder to ensure your Apple Pencil has the right place to rest when not sketching your ideas or writing your notes. Overall, it stands out as a durable and highly user-friendly cover for the iPad 7.

USP: 360-degree safeguard
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#4. Moko

MoKo iPad 10.2-inch Case

Moko is well-known for producing highly affordable accessories. And if you want to have a comparatively cheap yet pretty impressive cover for the Apple 7th-gen iPad, you shouldn’t overlook its latest folio cover. Agreed, this PU leather case looks quite simple but it fairly takes care of most of the basics to be a worthy pair of the device.

For added protection, it has a rugged PC back that can survive random falls. It also has a special place where your Apple Pencil can stay safe when not being used. With the anti-slip grooves, it makes sure you can comfortably position your tablet for better viewing and typing experience. Coming at $11.99, it can give a run to pricey covers a run for their money.

USP: Slim and compact design
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#5. Supveco

Supveco iPad 10.2-inch Case

As someone who prefers to have a bit more durable and impact-resistant case, I have found Supveco up to the mark for offering a complete safeguard to the iPad 10.2-inch against accidental bumps. The cover has a rugged casing thanks to the combination of PC and TPU.

With the protective design, it’s fully capable to withstand the drop of up to five feet. The strong magnets make sure sleep/wake functionality work reliably in reducing the unnecessary power consumption. And with the anti-slip grooves, the cover provides comfortable viewing angles for all the basic needs like viewing media and typing.

Just in case you use Apple Pencil, you would find the pen holder very helpful. Given the shock-absorbing profile and user-friendly features, Supveco seems to be reasonably priced at $26.99.

USP: Protective design
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#6. ESR Urban Premium

ESR Urban Premium Folio Case for iPad 10.2-inch 7th Generation

Though not a premium case, ESR’s Urban Premium is worth giving serious consideration, especially when you want a reasonably good case at an affordable price. There are three features that I have found appreciable in this iPad 10.2-inch cover.

First and foremost, the case features a refined appearance thanks to quality faux leather and wood grain texture that provides much better gripping. The second, it has a soft microfiber lining interior that strengthens the casing and also enables the folio case to resist scratches.

And the third, there are a couple of grooves that offer multiple viewing angles. So, whether you are watching your favorite Netflix movies or writing a note, you will have more comfortable viewing angles. Lastly, at $13.99, I think Urban Premium is a lot cheaper than many other similar folio covers for the 7th-gen iPad.

USP: Faux leather with a wood grain texture
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#7. TiMOVO

TiMOVO Case for iPad 10.2-inch

Showcase the design of your iPad, while still giving it enough safeguard against scuffs and even minor shock. TiMOVO is the sort of case that can easily catch attention from those who prefer a sleek and stylish design. That’s why I thought I shouldn’t miss out on this one.

One notable feature of this slim case for the all-new 7th-gen iPad is the tri-fold stand that provides multiple viewing and typing angles. Just in case you want a case to be a little more friendly with your FaceTime, do give it a try.

While the front features soft PU leather, the back has a translucent PC that allows the iPad to flaunt the design and also adds a bit of protection to the casing. On top of all, it comes at just $8.99 that safely puts it in the category of the low-priced 10.2-inch iPad cases.

USP: Trifold stand
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#8. Fintie SlimShell

Fintie SlimShell Case for iPad 10.2-Inch

Here comes the cheapest 10.2-inch iPad case ($4.99)! But just because the case is priced so low, you shouldn’t look down on it, thinking it’s not good enough to live up to your expectations.

Design-wise, I think the case looks just fine. The PU leather exterior adds a touch of sophistication to its profile, while the microfiber interior makes sure scratches have no chance to hurt your iPad.

There is also a secure holder that can keep your Apple Pencil in place so that it doesn’t get lost in oblivion. And with the built-in magnets, the front cover automatically wakes and sleeps the screen so that there is no useless power consumption.

USP: Soft-microfiber interior for protection against scratches
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#9. tomtoc

tomtoc 10.2-inch Tablet Sleeve Case for iPad

From both protection and convenience perspectives, a sleeve case is a great option. That’s the main reason why a high-quality sleeve cover from tomtoc has found a place in this extensive collection of the 2019 10.2″ iPad cases.

It’s made of soft fleece material and comes with smooth padding that can absorb shock and also fight out scratches. There are two compartments wherein you can keep items like documents, chargers, and earphones securely.

For all being so durable, the sleeve sports a lightweight and compact design so that you feel comfortable to carry your tablet. And if you like to have colorful profiles, you have many hues to choose from.

USP: Soft fleece material
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#10. Logitech Rugged Folio

Logitech Rugged Folio iPad 7 Case

If there is a keyboard case that can rival the Apple Smart Keyboard case, it has to be Logitech’s Rugged Folio. Just like Apple’s offering, it also takes advantage of the Smart Connector of the 7th-gen iPad to instantly connect to the device.

As for the quality of the keys, I must say that they are on par with those of the Smart Keyboard. So, you can expect typing to be smooth and convenient.

As compared to Apple’s keyboard cover, I think it’s a bit more sturdy, which means you will get more protection for your tablet. Besides, it is also pretty good at offering multiple angles to ideally meet different demands such as typing, viewing media, catching up with read-it-later stuff and more. In terms of pricing, Rugged Folio is slightly less expensive ($140) than its counterpart

USP: Very tactile keys
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Pawtec iPad 10.2-inch Case Sleeve

One more sleeve case that has caught my attention. And I bet you would also like trying it out for your 7th-gen iPad. The best part about it is the pretty lightweight and compact form factor that ensures you feel comfortable to carry your iPad.

Another feature worth taking note of is the neoprene material that makes it extremely durable. Besides, it also features a soft bubble-padded interior to survive accidental drops.

There is an extra pocket in the front where you can keep your accessories like your AirPods, chargers, documents safely. Better yet, Pawtec sleeve cover also comes in three nice-looking coolers: black, rose gold, and silver.

USP: Soft fleece material
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So, that concludes my lineup of the top cases for iPad 10.2-inch!

Which One is Your Favourite Pick?

For a classy look and feel, a complete folio cover is a way to go. But if there is a desire to use the iPad as a smart notebook, then a keyboard cover would be an ideal choice. Now that you know my top picks, share the names of your favorite iPad 10.2″ cases and also the ones that deserve mention in this collection.

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