Best iPad and iPhone HTML Editor Apps for Webmasters and Designers

Best HTML Editor Apps for iPhone and iPad

With the introduction of new iPad Pro, Apple has further bolstered the profile of the tablet that’s already ruling the roost. The latest iOS version has got a number of immensely user-friendly features like Drag and Drop that make iPad an able laptop killer. If you are a pro developer or beginner who is willing to design top notch websites, you will find this distinguished list of best iPad Pro HTML editor apps immensely helpful. They have been ideally optimized for the tablet to let you create and edit web pages with optimum ease on your iPad.

Though coding on a laptop is still more convenient, the newest iPad has bridged the gap admirably. I mean, gone were the days when you looked at the tablet as a casual alternative to your computer and picked it up just to carry out small work when you were on the go. Things have really changed now—for the better. With the support of several programming languages and convenient tools, these apps allow you to code with the needed flair on your iPad. Let’s head over to know more about these top 10 iPad HTML editor apps!

Best HTML Editor Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Coda

Coda iPhone and iPad HTML Editor App Screenshot

If you are after an enormously intuitive HTML editor, Coda can be worth giving a try. It’s an excellent text editor which is equipped to make your task of editing, web designing or coding ultra-convenient.

With the file manager, it lets you take complete control of your files even on the drive. The context keys play a significant role in accelerating your programming.

Find/replace tool enables you to replace or rearrange text without any hassle. Moreover, Coda supports several languages such as Apache, C, CSS, Diff, Go, Haml, HTML and more for syntax highlighting. So, you will get more freedom to carry out your tasks.

Price: $24.99

#2. Textastic Code Editor 7

Textastic Code Editor 7 iPhone and iPad HTML Editor App Screenshot

Textastic is one of the most feature-rich and functional HTML editors for iOS. What sets it apart from many of its counterparts is the support of syntax highlighting in more than 80 programming and markup languages.

With the help of built-in WebDAV server, it lets you easily transfer files from your Mac or Windows PC. The symbol list lets you quickly navigate to a file.

Full external keyboard support allows you to carry out your task fast. Above all, the Split View and Slide Over features hugely bolster your multitasking ability.

Price: $9.99

#3. HTML Egg

HTML Egg HTML Editor iPad App Screenshot

Lashed with advanced features, HTML Egg should be a good choice for the folks who want to build defining websites right on their iOS device. The touch-based drag and drop editor brings about fantastic convenience into the play. For instance, you can quickly add images, impressive slideshows, links and text using your touch gestures.

With the support for FTP, SFTP, and FTP/SSL, it also allows you to publish your own web host provider. With some readymade templates available, you can create exciting websites without much effort.

Besides, embed custom HTML snippet to integrate widgets like Twitter, Facebook and make your web pages more appealing.

Price: $7.99

#4. HTML & HTML 5 Editor

HTML & HTML 5 Editor iPad App Screenshot

This one is a highly efficient HTML source code editor; loaded with several advanced tools. Features like code coloring, auto-completion and file preview function boost your productivity.

As it supports redo and functionality, you will be able to edit web pages with needed freedom. You can sort files by file name, create time and file type. Even better, it lets you auto backup text files to ensure they remain safe.

Price: Free

#5. Code Master

Code Master HTML Editor iPad App Screenshot

If your hunt for finding a brilliant programming suite that can edit universal source code is incomplete, you need to give Code Master a serious look. As it supports over 170 languages, you will never run out of options.

With more than 70 syntax colored themes, you will be able to enhance your web pages. It features quite a few pre-defined HTML5 templates. Thus, you won’t have to spend much time to give your creativity a better look.

That’s not all; the website template builder enables you to design your web a lot smoother.

Price: Free

#6. JavaScript Anywhere JSAnywhere

JavaScript Anywhere JSAnywhere iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

For writing JavaScript, HTML and CSS source code easily, this one has long been a reliable option. Based on your goal, you can fine-tune the editor styles to suit your workflow.

You will use this super handy editing tool to import your projects and download the preferred images on the web. Take advantage of multiple project templates to design the web and also preview it on the internal browser. To simplify your task, it displays console logs and errors.

Moreover, it lets you export your files to Dropbox for additional security.

Price: Free

#7. Simple Code

Simple Code iPhone and iPad HTML Editor App Screenshot

Is writing code proving to be a complicated task for you? “Simple Code” can help you fall in love with writing code thanks to its intuitive user-interface and easy-to-master editing tools.

You can use it to show HTML with local CSS and JavaScript files. There is also an option to preview code and share your projects with friends.

Like collaboration? If yes, this app lets you work together on a project with fun. As it automatically backs up your data to the cloud, your files will remain secure and available across the devices.

Price: Free

#8. Buffer Editor

Buffer Editor iPhone and iPad HTML Editor App Screenshot

“Buffer Editor” is a pretty good code and text editor. Whether you want to develop software, take notes or view codes, this can let you carry out your tasks efficiently.

It features a built-in terminal aka SSH client and supports syntax highlighting for a ton of languages such as HTML(4&5), INI, Java, Javascript and more. You can preview multiple file formats like PDF, images, docs, and movies. Plus, it lets you connect to famous platforms such as BitBucket, Github, GitLab, Custom Git.

If you have the latest iPad, you can make the best use of Split View and Slide Over features to boost your productivity. Do you code in the night? Use dark mode to enjoy coding in the night without harming your eyes.

Price: $8.99

#9. HTML Designer

HTML Designer iPhone and iPad HTML Editor App Screenshot

There are many ways this app can enhance your HTML editing experience on your iPad. The one unique feature of this app is the “Speech Recognition” technology that allows you to add tags faster.

Thanks to the automated HTML tag generator, you can get your work done smoothly. To further simplify your task, the app provides quite a few super handy templates.

You can use the custom theme colors to add some unique personalization. And with the offline support, HTML Designer ensures your work doesn’t come to a halt when there is no Internet connection.

Price: $7.99

#10. html+css+js

html+css+js-web designer iPhone and iPad HTML Editor App Screenshot

To learn programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; this app is worth serious consideration. With the help of this app, you will code impressive templates. It also offers the option to adjust the code color and font size.

It has a built-in browser to explore the web and find helpful materials. As it supports many file formats including txt, pdf, chm, mp3,m4v,zip, gif, png, you will be able to experiment freely.

You can take control of background animation and customize text color to give the ideal shape to your project. Furthermore, you will also share your unique code with your friends and loved ones.

Price: Free

Your Favorite?

So, which one of these HTML editors is going to be installed on your iPad? Is it the one loaded with top-notch features or the one that’s pretty simple to use? Let us know your pick in the comments below.

If you are a beginner who wants to have a grip on web designing, I would recommend you to start with an easy-to-use editor. Just in case you are a pro and willing to carry out your editing work on the great iPad Pro, I would suggest you go for the feature-rich option.

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