Best iPad Invoice Apps for Invoicing on The Go

Best Invoice Apps for iPad

A beautiful invoice speaks a lot about your business. The big players usually have all those fantastic invoice templates that they use and not much care about. The small business guys need something quick but equally pleasing and satisfying. How about an invoicing app that works on your iPad (or even the iPhone) and also gets you beautiful, crafty little templates that look really good?

There are a lot of invoicing apps built specifically for the iPad which brings excellent functionality and ease of use. These invoice apps are mostly free and very easy to use. Some contain much more than basic invoicing features.

But first, what should you look for in an invoicing app? Since this is not just a traditional invoice, there are things that you can add to make it look and work better for you. Here are some features:

  • Highly customizable fields (logo, contact details, entry fields)
  • Calculation of taxes, overhead costs, and others
  • Quick and easy payment buttons (like PayPal)
  • Tracking for all the invoices (paid and unpaid)
  • Easy emailing/sharing options

Let’s take a look at some of the best iPad Invoicing Apps:

#1. QuickBooks Accounting

QuickBooks Accounting iPad App Screenshot

QuickBooks Accounting is the best invoice app for iOS. The 4.7 stars out of 73k ratings do reflect its popularity. Whether it’s crafting professional invoices or monitoring expenses, the app excels in all departments.

But the one thing that I personally like a lot about this app is the insightful financial reporting. As a result, you will have a better idea about where your business stands. And more significantly, what you need to do to bolster its growth.

Another notable feature of this app is that it allows you to prepare for tax immaculately. Therefore, you get the desired tax deductions. What’s more, QuickBooks seamlessly works with more than 80 apps to let you manage your business proficiently.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: Free

#2. Invoice & Time Tracking – Zoho

Zoho Invoice iPad App Screenshot

Zoho’s invoicing app is highly efficient. This is precisely what you should use to create detailed invoices with utmost ease. With several categories like fuel, transport, food, etc., you can track your expenses without any hassle.

Take advantage of PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and 2Checkout to quickly accept payment. Plus, it tracks your time to ensure you stay in sync with your workflow.

Thanks to the support for multi-currency, the allows you to handle global customers. Furthermore, you can download invoice as PDF and even print it using AirPrint.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch
Price: Free

#3. Invoice2Go

Invoice2Go Invoice iPad App Screenshot

Simple, elegant and most easy-to-use invoice app for the iPad. Brings a lot of basic features that you would need.

Invoice2Go offers eight predefined templates to let you create quick invoices. You can add the logo of your business. Besides, there is also a useful logo designer to help you craft a creative logo.

With this app, you can track the overdue invoices and also send automatic payment reminders. The app allows you to keep an eye on the expenses as well. What’s more, you will also schedule appointments and perfectly plan your tasks.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch
Price: Free

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#4. Invoice ASAP (for PayPal & Quickbooks)/strong>

Invoice ASAP iPad App Screenshot

Invoice ASAP is pretty easy-to-use and offers more flexibility. Based on your demand, you can customize your invoices and estimates. Moreover, you can sync them with QuickBooks for more control.

You will use this app to accept credit cards, track your payments and get paid faster. Thanks to the quick reporting, you will be able to manage your team with ease.

One notable feature of this app is that it offers you unlimited cloud storage. Lastly, the free version of the app has some restriction, and you need to upgrade to InvoiceASAP Base or plus ($3.99/$7.99) to use all the features.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: Free

#5. Tiny Invoice

Turbo Invoice iPad App Screenshot

Tiny Invoice is overall considered as the perfect business management tool according to many users. Right from creating an invoice to monthly estimates and from payment details to the total tax, everything can be calculated within a fraction of seconds.

You can easily note and keep track of your payments by printing out the PDF invoices from your iPhone. All the invoice templates in the app look professional and cool!

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: Free

#6. Timewerks

Timewerks Invoice iPad App Screenshot

At some point in time, you might need to move on to apps with even more features, templates, and facilities. That’s where Timewerks comes up.

The basic idea of the app is to help you track time/hours spent on your projects to help you bill better. With PDF billing support, Timewerks is just the thing you might want.

You can make the best use of the task timer to stay at pace with your work. It lets you back up your entire data and allows you to restore it as and when you want.

Additionally, Timewerks support multiple languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: $4.99

#7. Easy Books

Easy Books Invoice iPad App Screenshot

Easy Books is one of the most popular invoice apps for iDevices. It’s more of a book-keeping app with full-fledged features of a book-keeping suite, but it has a fantastic invoice system that’s directly linked to the books.

The simple and straight-forward interface should be distraction-free. The app is basically free, but IAPs seem to power most of the essential features.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: Free

#8. Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice iPad App Screenshot

How often do you send or receive an invoice? Is that daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly? It doesn’t matter when you send the invoice for a particular payment transfer, but with Moon Invoice app you can do that with ease. The app has 22 PDF templates to create your invoice within the app. The purchase order option in the app helps you to keep an eye on your purchases. You can also calculate the estimated cost of monthly or daily.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: Free

#9. Quick Sale Pro

Quick Sale Pro Invoice iPad App Screenshot

For users that need a little more control and features, the Quick Sale is a good program. Quick Sale is an excellent app that includes several features that one would want from a standard invoicing app.

There are tons of upgrades too with advanced features, and the app has a solid 4.5-star rating for almost all the versions with generally good reviews.

Compatibility: iPad Only
Price: Free

#10. Invoice Maker Pro

Invoice Maker Pro iPad App Screenshot

Invoice Maker Pro stands uniquely on the list due to its multiple features. You can now enter the currencies of your choice. There are five professional invoice templates which you can edit and send them your sellers or vendors. You can easily keep a track on the paid amount, left balance and overall cost of the app.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Price: Free

That’s all, folks!

Picked out your top bet for quick invoicing?

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The best thing about the above apps is that they are easy to set up. Besides, you don’t have to spend any time to discover the ways to use the tools proficiently. So, whether you are well-versed with technology or aren’t tech savvy, you can get the most out of them.

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