Best iPad Pro Screen Protectors: Save the Screen from Wear and Tear

Best iPad Pro Screen Protectors

The first accessory that I often buy whenever I present myself a brand new gadget is the screen protector. And a precious gadget like iPad Pro deserves to have all the required protection and care to remain at the top of its elegance. That’s why; I have made a long list of the best 12.9-inch iPad Pro screen protectors to help you easily pick out a high-quality shield for the touchscreen of your ultra-large tablet.

Gifted with industry leading hardness, these screen protectors are very hard and offer the essential protection from scratch. Apart from bringing exceptionally high responsive and transparent, they are anti-fingerprint. Let’s scroll through the list to find out what’s more these screen protectors for iPad Pro have to offer!

Best Screen Protectors for iPad Pro

#1. iCarez

iCarez iPad Pro 12.9-inch Screen Protector

Get the hard coated and scratch-proof screen protector for your tablet. It is easy to install and doesn’t leave any residue. Courtesy precise cut-outs allow it to perfectly install on the screen.

This protector with 3H-4H hardness ensures the touchscreen of your device remains protected from scratch. As the screen protector offers high definition transparency, you will enjoy watching your favorite videos. The TrueTouch sensitivity technology makes it very responsive.

USP: TrueTouch sensitivity
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SPARIN iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2015-2017 Glass Screen Protector

“SPARIN” has been one of my most trusted screen protector manufacturers. The quality that makes its screen guard so praiseworthy is the anti-shatter quality and HD clarity. And this offering for 12.9″ iPad Pro has got all these qualities.

The screen guard has smooth curved edges and precise cutouts for form-fitting installation. Oleophobic coating makes sure dust and sweat do not build up, thereby keeping both the clarity and sensitivity intact.

USP: 9H hardness
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#3. Spigen

Spigen 2015-2017 iPad Pro 12.9-inch Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Spigen’s screen guard promises to be a robust defender for the touchscreen. And looking at its impact resistant design, I can say that it has got the ability to live up its claim.

Aside from maximum hardness, the tempered glass screen protector offers extreme clarity to amp up your viewing. The cutouts are made to be very precise, whereas the edges are curved for a clean fit.

That’s not all, it also has anti-dust nano-coating to retain the clarity and responsiveness.

USP: Anti-dust nano-coating
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#4. Supershieldz

Supershieldz iPad Pro 12.9 inch Screen Protector

If you have to spend a lot of time working on your iPad Pro, Supershieldz should be your choice as the screen protector. Its anti-glare matte technology protects your eyes from the glare.

The screen protector is made of Japanese PET film which offers real touch sensitivity. Bubble-free adhesives assist it in getting installed with ease. It has the quality to ward off fingerprints, oil, and dust.

USP: Japanese PET film
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#5. amFilm

amFilm iPad Pro 12.9-inch Screen Protector Glass

“amFilm” is well-known for producing top-notch screen guards. And this offering for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is no different.

At 0.33mm, the screen guard is a bit on the thicker side. However, it delivers high clarity and fully capable of defending the touchscreen against scratches.

The 2.5D rounded edges enable the screen protector to get fitted out on the large screen flawlessly. Plus, the touch-sensitive surface allows you to use your iPad smoothly.

USP: 2.5D rounded edges
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#6. OMOTON SmoothArmor

OMOTON iPad Pro 12.9-inch Screen Protector

“OMOTON” SmoothArmor comes with laser cutouts to get perfectly installed on the screen. With the curved corners, the screen guard offers the full-screen defense to the touchscreen.

The 9H hardness means the glass can effortlessly fight out the nasty impact and also resist scratches. The top-grade tempered glass provides high-definition clarity. Therefore, you will have an improved viewing experience.

Moreover, the hydrophobic coating helps it ward off grime and fingerprint. As a result, the defender is able to retain both the high clarity and responsiveness for long.

USP: High-definition clarity
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#7. Tech Armor

Tech Armor Screen Protector for iPad Pro 12.9 Inch

Tech Armor Ballistic screen protector works as a solid shield of the touchscreen. What works admirably in its favor is the top grade material which is highly durable and provides fantastic viewing experience.

The other important thing about this screen protector is that it’s so easy to install. It doesn’t leave any residue behind. The ability to keep oil and smudge away makes it highly user-friendly.

USP: Impact-resistant
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#8. JETech

JETech Screen Protector for iPad Pro 12.9 Inch

If the high-quality material and unmatched performance are on top of your priority list, then JETech screen protector should be the runaway winner of your choice. It comes with rounded edges which ideally fit the large screen of the iPad Pro.

It’s made to be harder than a knife to ensure ugly scratch doesn’t harm the elegance of the touchscreen. The high transparency enriches the viewing experience. Being incredibly responsive to the touch, you will have a smooth-sailing experience while using your tablet.

USP: Highly responsive
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TANTEK iPad Pro 12.9 Screen Protector

As far as high response and crystal clear transparency are concerned, TANTEK is as good as any first-rate screen protector. Being very slim, it superbly fits the screen.

Since it’s quite smooth and sensitive to the touch, your fingers will love to roll over it. Boasting of industry leading hardness, it’s powerful enough to withstand any challenge of scratch. The screen protector doesn’t let oil, dust or grime to take the sheen away from it.

USP: Bubble-free adhesive
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#10. IQ Shield

IQ Shield iPad Pro Screen Protector

IQ Shield has come up with an innovative LIQuidSkin adhesive, which, when goes hand-in-hand with IQ Shield wet-install method, ensures an easy and bubble-free installation. This gives you a perfectly lined device.

The smart film and the adhesive merge so well that user hardly notices that his iPad Pro screen is protected and yet the film gives excellent user experience.

USP: Anti-yellow
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#11. RBEIK

RBEIK iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2015-2017 Glass Screen Protector

RBEIK screen guard comes with bubble-free adhesives to get installed with ease. And the defender doesn’t leave any residue behind either.

The 9H hardness makes the screen protector fully anti-scratch. So you can trust this screen protector to never let scrapes damage the touchscreen.

The 99.99% HD clarity enlivens viewing and thanks to the anti-fingerprint coating, the glass is able to keep sensitivity for long. Therefore, you will enjoy multitasking on your iPad.

USP: Bubble-free adhesives
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#12. iLLumiShield

iLLumiShield iPad Pro 12.9-inch Screen Protector

iLLumiShield ballistic glass screen protector is extremely protective. Blessed with 9H hardness, it’s more than just capable of shielding your device from unwanted scratch. It’s just 0.33mm thick and offers full-screen protection to your iPad.

The oleophobic coating not just protects your eyes but also allows it to keep off fingerprints, grime and dust. It’s able to offer 99.9% transparency. The top grade material helps this tempered glass screen protector last long.

USP: 9H hardness
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#13. MYGOFLIGHT ArmorGlas

MYGOFLIGHT Screen Protector for iPad Pro 12.9 Inch

MYGOFLIGHT ArmorGlas screen protector is really pricey. But if you ask me, is it worth the money you pay? I would say, yes it’s a good deal—if not better! What perfectly sets the tone for it is being anti-scratch and shatter.

With the high quality anti-smudge oleophobic coating, the screen protector is equipped to defend touchscreen from dust, fingerprints, and grime. There are no bubbles during the installation process. As it’s extremely touch sensitive, you will enjoy using it.

USP: Anti-Smudge Oleophobic Coating
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That’s all, folks!

Wrapping Up

Give the touchscreen of your iPad Pro the desired safeguard by picking out one of these screen protectors. If you want to have more security, go for the 9H hardness. The ultra-thin screen protectors are right on the money when it comes to providing the high response. So, which is your favorite pick out of these available options? Let us know that in the comments below.

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