Biamp Ships AVB-Based Networked AV System Tesira

Biamp Systems has just started shipping Tesira, its digital signal processor (DSP)-based networked media system, which uses AVB as the primary digital media transport.

In case you didn’t know, AVB is the new IEEE open standard that allows media streams to be carried over Ethernet networks — it’s what Audinate uses for Dante and Harman uses for HiQnet.

Tesira is a modular system and the base is the so-called server. Tesira SERVER can accommodate up to eight DSP-2 cards per chassis and two network cards for AVB or CobraNet in any combination. Or, there’s a SERVER-IO, which can support up to 12 Tesira I/O cards for up to 48 channels of audio I/O (e.g., mic and line level, VoIP and telephone interface). The SERVER-IO can also be configured with one 420×420 channel AVB-1 card or one AVB-1 card and one or two 32×32 channel SCM-1 cards.

Controllers include two different surface-mounted or in-wall LCD-based keypads, RS232 or Ethernet. Complete specs on the Biamp Tesira are here: