Biamp Systems Introduces Vocia 1.2

vocia-0211This month Biamp Systems introduced the release of Vocia 1.2, an upgrade on Biamp Systems’ critical paging and life safety system and one of Biamp’s newest networked media systems. Compliant with current stringent life safety standards, such as EN 54-16, Vocia 1.2 provides improved scalability for seamless integration in almost any size facility, and delivers control and notification options that make it possible to remotely monitor system health.

Vocia is a critical paging and voice evacuation system designed for facilities of all sizes. Vocia incorporates distributed processing, page routing and networked audio and control. Vocia’s networked approach eliminates the single point of system failure, allowing for decentralized design and a system that is expandable from a single paging station and amplifier to a more complex paging system across several zones and multiple buildings.

Included in the Vocia 1.2 upgrades is the enhanced Life Safety Interface device (LSI-16e), the emergency interface that communicates between Vocia and emergency/fire alarm systems. The LSI-16e device expands the number of discrete emergency zones from four to 20, adding 16 additional option inputs and up to 500 virtual inputs, 50 emergency zones, and 10 emergency messages per zone. The LSI-16e software has also been improved, making it possible to trigger a warning message followed by an emergency message and assign up to nine emergency messages and one additional mute to each emergency zone.

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