Black Box Updates Wireless Meeting Room Content Receiver

blackbox-wireless-0112Black Box yesterday launched an 802.11n-based system for sharing PC video (VGA) wirelessly in meeting rooms, dubbed the Wireless Video Presentation System III (AC1132A). Like the previous version, this third iteration enables a room full of PC or Mac laptop users to project video and audio wirelessly via an ad-hoc style network connected directly to the projector’s VGA port. But with this version, up to 254 Wi-Fi users can log in to the system and take turns projecting video wirelessly.

In addition, the Wireless VPS III supports 4-to-1 split-screen projection, so four users can project video at the same time or enable a single user to show his/her screen on four separate screens simultaneously, even if the screens are in different rooms (of course, four AC1132A units are required — one for each room).

You can see more details on how this system works here: