Bretford Debuts iPad Charging Cart for 42 Tablets

mobility42-launch-heading-0613Bretford Manufacturing today introduced its highest capacity charging cart for iPad and iPad mini in the form of the Mobility Cart 42, which is capable of charging, storing, securing and transporting up to 42 iPads or iPad mini tablets. The new cart offers a simple and practical charging system, making it ideal for schools, training facilities and other organizations with large deployments of iOS devices.

All Bretford Mobility Carts, including the Mobility 42 for iPad and iPad mini, feature separate locking front and rear compartments, which allow customers to keep chargers locked separately from their devices and direct the heat from chargers to dissipate away from the iOS devices. The Mobility Cart family of solutions also includes the Bretford Dock & Lock Security Kit that allows the cart to be secured to a fixed, immoveable object during off-hours.

It starts shipping next week and all the details are here.