Canare Intros 12G Produce Line

Canare launched its new 12G coax solution for economical transport of 4K UHD television signals.

4K UHD is fast becoming the dominant industry standard for sports, live events and commercial production work, placing increasing demands on teleproduction companies and truck operators to provide a 4K product. Canare is ready to assist with an all-new line of coaxial cable and connectors that are specially optimized for high performance at 12 Gbps. With the introduction of Canare’s 12G solution, it is now feasible and convenient to transport 4K signals at distances up to 100 meters via copper. 

Canare’s new 12G cable products employ several unique features and technologies to meet the demanding requirements of the sports production and distribution industry. The L-5.5 CUHD coax cable has enhanced attenuation characteristics that allow transport of 12G signals at much greater distances than comparable-sized coax currently available. The new 12G cable and connectors are also ideal for high-performance transport of 3G and 6G video, allowing system designers and integrators to future proof construction of new teleproduction facilities.

Here are the details.