Canon Launches Six New Projectors

In launching two WXGA (1280×800) and CANON-LV-8310-PROJECTOR-0510four XGA (1024×768) projectors, Canon claims they’ve got the greenest projectors on the market with the six models dubbed the LV-8310, LV-8215, LV-7385, LV-7380, LV-7285 and LV-7280 – all 3LCD, LCoS (reflective LCD) projectors.  Claiming to all have at least a 4000-hour mercury-free lamp, a 1-watt stand-by mode and lower wattage lamps than other portable projectors on the market, Canon is betting its future on these models priced from $799 to $1699.  Each has at least 2200 ANSI lumens output, with the brightest being the flagship LV-7385 (an XGA model) being the brightest at 3500 lumens.  Each projector is both RS 232 and IP controllable.

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