Case Study: Doctor Insta uses Zoom for Developers to Connect Doctors and Patients

Check out Zoom’s new case study on Doctor Insta, a virtual medical consultation company in India.

In India, many patients face barriers when going to see a doctor in person, such as extremely heavy traffic and exposure to new diseases at clinics. Patients in rural areas also have difficulty getting access to doctors, especially specialists. Patients needing consultations in areas stigmatized by Indian culture, such as Psychology and Sexology, are often hesitant to meet in person.

In order to tackle these issues, Doctor Insta wanted to create a virtual medical conferencing application that would eliminate the need for in-person consultations. They needed a communications service that would reliably connect patients to doctors in both urban and rural areas, regardless of any bandwidth issues. Doctor Insta looked into a variety of solutions, but decided on Zoom as the superior choice.

“While scoping video and audio software development kits, we tested lots of products by different companies. In the end, Zoom offered the best bang for our buck, had fabulous technology, and offered a beautiful product,” says Amit Munjal, founder and CEO of Doctor Insta.

Zoom was the perfect solution for Doctor Insta! Zoom’s robust software development kits allowed for a simple yet effective integration into both the Doctor Insta mobile app and desktop application. With no training on the software, patients and doctors could easily consult through Zoom without any logistical or technical issues.

Thanks to Zoom, Doctor Insta connects patients and doctors from all regions of India, and hosts thousands of meetings every month. “Zoom became our favorite vendor by the merits of the product, by very good customer service from the Zoom sales team, and by its amazing tech support. We got Zoom because of the superior technology, and stuck with Zoom because of the latter two factors,” says Manjal.

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