Casio Adds Six to Hybrid LED Line

casio-BigSlide-greenslim-xl1-0112Casio’s SLIM Series has been updated with six updated models: the XJ-A141, XJ-A146, XJ-A241, XJ-A246, XJ-A251 and XJ-A256. Weighing in at only five pounds, the new SLIM projectors are 1.7 inches high, making them the thinnest projectors in the industry.

Leveraging its LASER & LED HYBRID light source production, Casio America added six updated models today: the XJ-A141, XJ-A146, XJ-A241, XJ-A246, XJ-A251 and XJ-A256. With a wide-angle 2x power zoom lens allowing an extensive range of projection distance, the refreshed SLIM series sets the standard for mobile projection. Three of Casio’s new SLIM projectors — the XJ-A146, XJ-A246 and XJ-A256 — are equipped with USB capabilities, MobiShow, Wireless Presentations and a presentation timer.

All use DLP technology with a hybrid Laser/LED light source, which provides lamp-free, eco-friendly projection that combines blue laser light and a fluorescent element to generate a high output of green light. The green light, blue laser light and the light emitted by a red LED are projected through a DLP chip which, in turn, is passed through the projection lens to form an image. This technology achieves an increase in color spectrum compared with a mercury lamp, while lowering a projector’s total cost of ownership and maximizing investment.

The new SLIM models will list for $999.99 – $1,499.99 and will ship next month. You can see all the specs here.