Cat Strom appointed Associate Editor of CX Magazine

Having just taken the reigns of CX Magazine as Editor-in-Chief, Jason Allen is pleased to announce that he has appointed Cat Strom as Associate Editor. Cat’s long experience in entertainment technology and deep connection to the lighting industry as a co-founder of ALIA means she brings an invaluable perspective to the editorial team. Cat will help shape the direction of the magazine as both a contributor and sub-editor, helping CX create content relevant to everyone in the industry.

Known for her regular ‘Roadskills’ stories in CX, Cat has run her own entertainment technology PR company since before LED in entertainment lighting. A regular fixture at concerts, Cat can often be found sneaking in some tour catering before a show.

In a previous life she toured Europe with a few big name acts, worked for Celco (who remembers them?) and thought PARs and coloured gel were the height of technology.

Having written for all the major entertainment technology publications in the world, Cat has contacts second to none and enjoys bugging every single one of them. Lurking at many overseas tradeshows has reinforced many of these connections as many industry professionals are quite frankly scared of her.

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