Chief Debuts Freestyle Rotation Video Wall Mount Adapter

The new Chief Freestyle Rotation Adapter allows designers to generate a wide variety of video display wall configurations using either ConnexSys or Fusion mounts. The accessory provides infinite orientation possibilities to support your most creative installations and also serves as a fast and flexible landscape-to-portrait solution. It’s perfect to spec in a system when you are designing it when you don’t know exactly the orientation the displays will be mounted as it provides for any orientation or angle. Features also include:

  • Provides 90 degrees of rotation; can be installed in different orientations to achieve 360 degrees of range
  • Positive lockouts at 15 degree increments
  • Overlapping displays (with Fusion FCADA) adds another level of customization and creativity
  • Micro-adjustment (with ConnexSys)
  • Weight capacity when used with ConnexSys: 125 pounds (56.7 kg)
  • Weight capacity when used with single-stud Fusion: 55 pounds (24.95 kg)
  • Compatible with ConnexSYS mounts and Fusion wall, ceiling and freestanding mounts

Here are all the details.