Christie Intros Christie Mystique Install Software

christie-mystique-1116Christie has simplified the process of creating spectacular large-scale visual experiences by combining its industry-leading tools and expertise into Christie Mystique Install. Christie Mystique is a suite of software, hardware and services that applies Christie’s expertise and technology to support complex projection applications. We shot a video explaining it at this past summer’s InfoComm here.

Mystique Install provides automatic stacking and edge-blending solutions designed to meet the demands of the most sophisticated projection jobs, with the highest visual quality that Christie customers have come to expect. From simple flat-screen applications to court and ice projection mapping in sports venues, giant-screen dome theaters and theme park dark ride attractions, Mystique Install delivers the tools and services needed to eliminate time-consuming and complex manual alignment, which speeds setup and dramatically reduces downtime due to maintenance.

Mystique Install is currently available in four editions:

  • Essentials Edition is an easy to use, single camera warping and blending application that supports up to 12 projectors in a 2×3 stacked configuration on flat surfaces.
  • Pro Venue Edition provides projection stacking and edge blending on flat and cylindrical surfaces, and includes features designed to simplify ice and court projection mapping projects.
  • Premium Edition offers an expert level multi-camera warping and blending solution ideal for projection stacking and edge blending complex projection systems on flat, curved and custom smooth screens such as domes.
  • Large Scale Experiences (LSE) Edition provides the ultimate level of control for the most demanding multi-projector applications such as theme park dark ride attractions and giant-screen dome theaters. The LSE Edition provides advanced content layout modes and electronic black level blending tools to ensure the highest-level image quality.

In delivering customized end-to-end solutions, Christie Mystique helps customers produce the most imaginative and exhilarating experiences possible while supporting Christie integrators looking to remove the complexities of providing a system like this for their customers.

Here are all the details.