Christie Pandoras Box 6.0 and Widget Designer 6.0 Debut

Pandoras_Box_Produktblatt_20160418The new Christie Pandoras Box 6.0 media server is officially launching this week and it combines the newest rendering technology with intuitive media and show control. Among its new features, Multi User mode allows multiple Pandoras Box operators to split the workload of a project and benefit from the increased efficiency by working on different tasks like warping, content encoding, timeline programming or simply work simultaneously on the same sequence. Pandoras Box 6.0 also features many workflow improvements such as editable meshes and warps, UV map adjustments and live canvas masking and painting all from within the preview window.

With Widget Designer, customers can create dedicated user interfaces and interaction logic simply by connecting visual control components. New to Widget Designer 6.0 is a redesigned HTML5 user interface and native HTML support including CSS Styles. Animation and transitions are now available for all pages and widgets and the new composite nodes allow for the integration of node-systems into re-usable custom nodes.

Here are all the specs.