Christie’s New LED-Based Rear-Screen Entero Line Takes Aim at VideoWall Market

christie_led_0509Christie has introduced the world’s first LED-based SXGA+ and WUXGA resolution projection display system, designed and built specifically for the control room and videowall markets.  The new Christie Entero LED is definitely going in the history books as a pioneering projection system as it’s the first of its kind – an LED-illuminated, 1-chip DLP product line that features what Christie says is a “zero maintenance” design. The LEDs are rated at more than 50,000 hours – that equates to almost six years of continuous operation.  With no consumable components such as lamps, filters or color wheels to replace, the Christie Entero LED delivers the ultimate in green-oriented projection and virtually no maintenance at all.

Utilizing the new generation of solid state LED technology, the Christie Entero LED projection system is the first large-scale projection system to use LED and since LEDs retain their color spectral characteristics (colorimetry) longer, images remain identical through years of operation.  In addition, tests have shown that LEDs also provide more accurate color matching (i.e., white-point matching) than any previous projection lamp technology ever created.

Christie Entero LED projection units feature something they call Christie LiteLOC and Christie ColorLOC for automatic, independent brightness and color management.  They also feature Christie ArrayLOC, an innovative technology that automatically matches color and brightness levels for every cube, across the entire display wall, on a continuous basis – this is amazing when it comes to color matching walls during set-up.

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