Churches Prefer Flat Panels to Projectors

lcd-rental-easter-stage-church-0212Flat panel display use in the house of worship market is rapidly growing, according to TFCinfo’s recent research report entitled, “The Use of Video Displays in American Churches 2012.” Of the AV-focused churches that TFCinfo surveyed (churches that have made a strategic and financial commitment to integrate audio visual equipment in their worship service), 61 percent state that they own at least one flat panel display 32”+. This is a 20 percent increase, up from 41 percent in 2009.
As churches increasingly turn toward display technologies to help spread their message and fuel membership growth, this in turn drives demand for additional displays.  With the growing trend of multi-site or satellite locations, and video venues of a much smaller size, these bright displays are making a very appealing, affordable option for the churches.
“This is not only increasing dramatically at the large church level, churches of all sizes are embracing flat panel displays,” states Tanya Lippke, TFCinfo director of survey market research. “This research shows that the percentage of small churches using flat panel displays has doubled. In 2009 25 percent of the churches with zero to 250 seats were using a flat panel display; today half are incorporating the displays into their facilities.”
As can be expected, flat panel display use is still fairly new to the church market. Nearly two-thirds of the churches currently using these displays state that their equipment is, on average, two years old or newer. Based on the need for multiple visual aids in churches, and the cost of flat panel displays being more affordable, churches are looking more to flat panel displays for the future. Since we know there are more than 350,000 churches in the U.S., and the penetration of AV in these churches continues to grow, this is a large market for projector and flat panel display manufacturers to target.

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