Clary Icon Releases BYOD Capable OneScreen System

claryicon-0314Clary Icon has released an all new OneScreen system dubbed the h1, with the “h” standing for hubware.

Clary Icon’s OneScreen h1 is still an interactive, flat touch panel, l but now it’s integrated with collaboration BYOD features. The company says it’s platform agnostic and built on open architecture for complete compatibility and interoperability. The OneScreen h1 already provided videoconferencing (Polycom or Cisco), web conferencing (WebEx, Adobe Connect, Microsoft Lync, etc.), Hitachi StarBoard interactive whiteboarding. Now it also offers telepresence quality video and audio (HD), single interface access to preferred video and web conferencing options, expanded multi-party calling and conference services, Screen Skill Guru live-on-demand help, Android OS, smart TV media and more. And with a built-on computer running Windows 7, organizations can load programs and access cloud applications that are specialized or preferred for their business processes.

It’s not officailly launched until mid-March, so it’s not on the company’s website yet. When it is, it’ll be here.