Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak is cutting Edge

Clear-Com has announced FreeSpeak Edge, an advanced wireless intercom system delivering the best audio quality and enhanced performance in complex live performance environments.

FreeSpeak Edge incorporates recent advances in technology. It features a 5GHz chipset that includes an exclusive radio stack development optimised for intercom. It also uses audio-over-IP developments, with AES67 connections between transceivers and the host intercom frame.

The 5GHz band is ideal for larger scale communications as it can be managed with frequency coordination for reduced interference and offers the widest range of RF channels. It delivers the clearest audio quality with ultra-low latency, and is highly scalable with the technology and bandwidth to support over 100 belt packs and 64 transceivers.

Clear-Com president Bob Boster says that FreeSpeak Edge is the future of advanced wireless communication, saying that while the word ‘game-changer’ gets tossed around a lot, FreeSpeak Edge is “the real deal”.

“While some manufacturers are trying to improve incrementally on existing solutions, we have leapfrogged right to the edge of what is possible with wireless intercom technology today, in readiness for tomorrow’s increasingly demanding requirements.”

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