ClearOne Will Show Suite of New Software-based Video Conferencing Products at InfoComm

ClearOne said today it will launch its new line of COLLABORATE video
conferencing products at InfoComm, which will include products for
desktop video applications, room systems, infrastructure and management

COLLABORATE Desktop is a 1080p resolution desktop VTC system for video,
audio and data transmission and will have the ability to send and
receive video and data streams simultaneously.

COLLABORATE Room can be ordered in SD, 720p, 1080/30 and 1080/60
resolutions. Aimed at small and medium businesses, plus corporate
meeting rooms, it’s a software-based and server-less embedded multipoint
(up to nine-way) video conferencing system with SIP/H.323 bridging
interoperability, built-in recording and streaming, built-in remote
content and data sharing and interactive multicast.

COLLABORATE MCU is a 100 percent software-based system that uses the
enterprise’s video conferencing infrastructure by integrating multipoint
conferencing, video recording, streaming and scheduling into an
all-in-one approach. Embedded with COLLABORATE Central, ClearOne’s
management tool, it can handle multipoint conferencing with up to 36
participants, offers continuous presence intelligent conference layouts
for up to 25 participants at a time and features a special presenter
mode for distance education and other vertical applications.

COLLABORATE Netpoint enables video communication with any H.323 device
using public IP, or any H.460 device and allows video endpoints behind
firewalls to communicate in a real-time environment with other endpoints
in both LAN/WAN and internet, regardless of firewall/NAT.

All the details will be announced at InfoComm. You can also get a sneak-peak here: