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Cockpit Software

by Jason Grbevski, Product Channel Manager – Integrated Systems, Sennheiser Australia & New Zealand.


Sennheiser’s Control Cockpit Software keeps everything under control, allowing you to digitise your AV management workflow for flawless daily business. It is the central software for easy handling, control and maintenance of the entire SpeechLine Digital Wireless (SLDW) and evolution wireless G3 and G4 portfolio as well as the new TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone, making it an ideal application for controlling and monitoring company or campus-wide installations of Sennheiser products.


The powerful software is accessible in web browsers on any smartphone, tablet or notebook. It offers a continuous, global dashboard overview of all network-enabled Sennheiser devices showing all status information at a glance, while greatly simplifying adjusting settings for individual or multiple devices.

Advanced notifications are also a feature of Control Cockpit, with a comprehensive event log and on-screen alerts. The platform offers user definable alert profiles that allow facilities to specify which locations and class of notifications get sent to its facilities staff via either email or SMS.

This assists in employing a preventative maintenance program, fixing the issue before it becomes a problem for the end user.


Sennheiser Control Cockpit 3.1.0 out now
A new update was made available in May 2019, version 3.1.0, which offers various workflow improvements. Version 3.1.0 offers an intuitive, easy way to set up and manage TeamConnect Ceiling 2 along with SpeechLine Digital Wireless systems, with the following additional features now available:

• Out of range detection for SpeechLine Digital Wireless. When activated, out-of-range activation will notify the system administrator via e-mail and/or text when a wireless microphone leaves the range of the receiver. Notifications are also visible in the ‘Devices’ dashboard under ‘Device information’.
• For TeamConnect Ceiling 2, Sennheiser Control Cockpit version 3.1.0 offers the possibility to define vertical exclusion zones in order to minimize unwanted side noises from projectors or air-conditioning units.


The free software can be downloaded at


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