Compact SV8 Monitor by BASSBOSS Aimed at Restaurants, Bars and Gyms

sv8-bassboss-1116BASSBOSS just launched the new SV8 Powered MicroMain — designed as a main or fill speaker in clubs, gyms, restaurants or as a recording studio monitoring solution. With 117dB of sustained output in satellite mode and maximum output of 120dB, the SV8 Powered Micromain is capable of output levels that compare to some 12” powered boxes, but the SV8 offers what the company says is superior quality and detail.

All BASSBOSS loudspeakers feature power amplification built in. The SV8 includes a digital signal processor built right into its 700 watt Powersoft amp, providing four presets. The presets allow the speaker to be used either as a full-range system, a satellite for a small subwoofer or as a main speaker with a larger subwoofer. Preset 1 has the SV8 in full-range mode, offering an impressive frequency response down to 40Hz. Preset 2 offers slightly more SPL and response down to 60Hz. Preset 3 provides another step up in SPL with the high-pass filter moved to 80Hz. Preset 4 offers the highest peak SPL with the high-pass filter set at 100Hz. These presets ensure that the SV8 is achieving peak efficiency for any application and helpfully eliminates the need for any external processing. All presets have limiting to protect the drivers and maintain balanced response at all levels. The built-in processing is optimized for use with BASSBOSS subwoofers but also ensures they are compatible with all subwoofer options.

The BASSBOSS SV8 is shipping now and is priced at $1,495. Here are the details.