Cortex VIP Cinemas demos will host commercial-grade Dolby audio processors

In the Pro Audio Technology sound room at CEDIA Expo 2019, Cortex will be showcasing its Dolby CP850-C Audio Processor as part of a Sound Room experience. It embodies the same hardware and software components used by commercial theatres across the globe.

“We have taken all of the sophisticated audio technology that’s typically used in Dolby audio processors, repurposed it and married it with our own proprietary support equipment to create a solution that’s more befitting of a luxury home theatre environment,” Cortex co-founder Steve Evanitsky says.

“With Cortex VIP Cinemas, technology integrators and designers can now offer their clients a no-limits Dolby home cinema experience.”

To demonstrate capabilities of the Dolby CP850-C audio processor, the two companies involved will create a comprehensive sound system optimised for the space. It features subwoofers and loudspeaker controllers, a Barco Balder projector, Screen Innovations screen and a Kaleidescape Strato S media player.

“Our new SR Series in and on-wall loudspeakers not only meet large-system output requirements at only 3.5” deep, they are also easily aimable, which is an often overlooked requirement of properly designed Dolby Atmos systems,” Pro Audio Technology president Paul Hales says.

“Since commercial-grade Atmos systems are at the center of Cortex VIP Cinemas’ business model, we are excited to collaborate with them at this year’s CEDIA Expo to bring a 21-loudspeaker Atmos system, including the Dolby CP850-C cinema processor and our new ALC-3316 9-channel amplified loudspeaker controllers, to Sound Room 6.”

The sound room can be found at the CEDIA Expo at the Pro Audio Technology Sound Room #6 on the show floor.

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