CoSoSys Launches iPad/iPhone “Find a Projector” App

Although not thoroughly impressed by this Apple App, we thought it was worth covering since it’s free. Originally a Web-based endpoint security service that manages computers in a corporate or personal network through a centralized online console, the new Apple App from CoSoSys is designed to prevent both internal and external threats posed by the improper usage of portable storage devices such as USB sticks, digital cameras, FireWire devices, external HDDs or smart phones with projectors on a monitored IP network. The App also allows for custom-designed, policy-based data security of the CoSoSys’s branded My Endpoint Protector to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users.

CoSoSys recently added network projector control and monitoring to the App, for projectors that already have a network port. We think it seems a little complicated to set up and use, but you obviously can’t beat the price.

To learn more, go here.