Crestron Adds New IOEX Control Modules for IR, Series, Relay Devices

crestron-ircom-0813Crestron has announced the release of two new infiNET EX IOEX Wireless Control Modules. Designed for retrofit applications, the IOEX modules offer a way to add wireless control of serial, IR and relay devices in homes and commercial buildings. The INET-IOEX-IRCOM enables long distance wireless communication between 3-Series control systems and devices such as TVs, cable boxes, displays, projector screens, AV components, switchers and other equipment that is controllable using basic serial or IR commands. The INET-IOEX-RYIO provides a low-voltage relay and digital input control interface for remote devices such as garage door openers, sensors, motorized screens and other relay-controlled devices, while providing the same wireless communication to a Crestron control system. Using either or both modules, the connected device can then be controlled from any Crestron user interface or from any Apple or Android mobile device.

The INET-IOEX-IRCOM features one RS232 and two IR control ports and can be mounted discreetly behind a display or inconspicuously on a wall near the desired device. INET-IOEX-RYIO provides two isolated relays and two digital input ports while communicating with a Crestron control system over the infiNET EX wireless network to enable control and monitoring of the remote equipment.

Get the specs for the INET-IOEX-IRCOM here and for the NET-IOEX-RYIO here.