Crestron Ships AM-300 AirMedia 2.0 Wireless Presentation System

Crestron announced today it is now shipping its new AirMedia Wireless Presentation System (AM-300), featuring AirMedia 2.0 technology. The AM-300 also offers a DM input, HDMI in and out, LAN port for power and communications, and full display control.

Crestron says that AirMedia 2.0 sends video, keyboard and mouse commands wirelessly and is a BYOD solution that an on-screen display with connectivity instructions, room availability, and meeting details when connected to a calendaring platform, includes mirroring with Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS, without Bonjour software, and it’s capable of both cloud-based deployment and management and enterprise-grade network security.

While a lot of the AV industry’s BYOD products provide just a wireless access point, AirMedia 2.0 is a network-based wireless presentation technology that leverages the latest security protocols: 802.1x network access control; Active Directory user authentication; AES-128 content encryption; and SSH, SSL, TLS, and HTTPS.

AirMedia 2.0 is basically a network-based appliance that can be deployed, configured, and managed from the cloud. Using Crestron XiO Cloud or the built-in web tool, the mobile app can be deployed to laptops and smart devices across the enterprise, and user access rights and firmware updates can be remotely managed.

The AirMedia family includes the following products:

  • AM-101 Wireless Presentation Gateway
  • AM-200 AirMedia Presentation System with AirMedia 2.0 and HDMI in and out (available June 2018)
  • AM-300 AirMedia Presentation System with AirMedia 2.0, DM in and HDMI in and out
  • DMPS3-4K-250-C DigitalMedia Presentation System with AirMedia 2.0 capability built-in
  • DMPS3-4K-350-C DigitalMedia Presentation System with AirMedia 2.0 capability built-in
  • Crestron Mercury with AirMedia 2.0 capability built-in

Here are all the specs.