Crestron Ships HDMI DigitalMedia Wall Plate Transmitter

Crestron told rAVe this week that it has started to ship,crestron-DM-TX-400-3G-0510 in limited quantities, their DM-TX-400-3G — a wall plate transmitter for their DigitalMedia line that includes HDMI, VGA, Audio, control and USB via DigitalMedia cable up to 450’ away.  Crestron says the DM system is designed to provide an upgrade path from analog to digital without replacing installed equipment (e.g., QuickMedia). The Crestron MPS, for example, is engineered to transmit all analog signals from the MPS to the DM-TX-400-3G over one VGA cable. A single DM cable connects the transmitter to a DM matrix switcher or room controller, which sends HDMI to the display.

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