dnp Debuts Short Throw Screen

dnp-shortthrow-0613The dnp Supernova STS is a unique front projection screen with a built-in Fresnel lens structure — an optical technology that is used to focus projected light — and is aimed at applications using ultra-short-throw-projectors. The STS Screen is optimized for Ultra-Short-Throw-Projectors with a lens-throw between 0.21 and 0.27:1.

Compared to traditional white front projection screens, dnp claims the Supernova STS Screen provides better contrast and color saturation, thanks to its built-in lens technology. The dnp Supernova STS Screen offers a sophisticated lens structure, which comprises six optical layers, joined by UV-molding and aluminum evaporation processes. At the heart of the screen lies a half-circular Fresnel lens that reflects the light beam from the projector and sends it forwards at a right angle towards the viewers. dnp says its highly efficient light-transmission enables the screen to have darker black levels, without losing significant brightness in the white, which effectively results in higher image contrast.

The STS Screen comes standard in a 100″ — 16:9 format. Custom sizes are available upon request. The screen is fitted with a stylish thin black frame around the image area. A hard-coat front and a rigid aluminium back plate make the screen suitable for touch and interactive applications, should users wish to add these. Screens are packed individually and preassembled.

Here are all the specs.