Dukane Announces Fast Virtual Responders for iOS and Android

dukane-virtualresponder-0212Convey Student Response by Dukane now supports both traditional, hand-held response pads and virtual responders on most all browser equipped devices. The Convey Virtual Responder (VR) works seamlessly across multiple browsers as well as iOS and Android platforms, allowing those devices to be used in conjunction with the Convey Student Response application as student input devices.

With iPads, laptops, netbooks and BYOT devices streaming into schools across the nation, educators need a practical way to use those devices to drive student engagement, increase classroom communication, enhance the learning environment and save teachers time. Convey Student Response allows students to use whatever device they have available whether that’s an iPod touch, an iPad or Android tablet, a netbook or laptop or use one the yellow Convey dedicated response pads. They all work seamlessly together in a single polling session, allowing the various responder types to be mixed and matched as necessary or as availability dictates. A teacher only needs to use the single Convey Student Response application on a PC in the classroom to be able to communicate with all the various remote types thus reducing complexity commonly encountered with using VR’s on other systems that require a separate flavor of software to communicate with a VR.

Convey Student Response and the VRs are powered by the cloud-based Convey Enterprise Services (CES). Convey Enterprise Services is the powerful backend management system that separates Convey from the crowd of response offerings available. Accessed via a web dashboard, CES allows student and class rosters to be managed at the district level, thus saving teachers time without having to wrangle rosters at the local, client level.

Convey is sold on a per student basis. Each student who participates in a polling session needs a license.

Learn more at http://www.conveyclassrooms.com