elektraLite Intros ML-902 Moving Head Spot Fixture

myelektralite-1016elektraLite’s new ML-902 is a full-featured moving head profile spot fixture powered by a bright 120-watt cool white (6,500K) COB LED that delivers an output equal to that of a 250-watt HMI discharge lamp.

elektraLite’s newest moving head profile spot fixture easily adjusts for color via its indexable seven-color wheel, and pattern choices on the product are equally versatile thanks to two wheels each holding up to seven interchangeable gobos. One wheel is fixed for static image projection, while the second is adjustably rotatable at the individual gobo level for spinning effects. Eighteen interchangeable gobos are included with the ML-902 for maximum flexibility and interchangeability.

Additional features of the ML-902 include a rotating five-point prism, wide-range strobe with various features, zoom, focus control, and fine (16-bit) pan and tilt, in addition to the digital dimming features, as well as coarse (8-bit) pan and tilt operation for maximum control of beam movement.

Delivering 640fc at a distance of 10 feet and 187fc at 20 feet, the ML-902 is compatible with multiple voltages (AC 100-240V – 50/60Hz) and features a power consumption of 146 watts (1.2A). Housed in a rugged black aluminum chassis with a rigid flat steel yoke and corrosion-resistant hardware for top-notch durability, the fixture weighs only 30 pounds and comes equipped with a 18-inch integrated Edison power cable, safety cable and U-bracket for pipe attachment.

eIelektraLite’s new ML-902 (ELE817) lists for $1,079.00 and here are the details.