Epson and NEC Still Top Brands According to TFCinfo

tfcinfo1-0112TFCinfo today announces the completion of its “Projector Brand Customer Perception and Preference Study 2012.” This report marks the 11th year that this annual projector brand benchmarking study has been conducted. In this year’s installment some interesting movement is seen among the brands in the three measurable areas of brand strength: awareness, image, and intent. These areas are analyzed across the five most important market segments in the projector industry — large corporations, SMB (small and medium business), SOHU (small office/home user), education and government.


Most notable, Epson and NEC post gains in unaided free recall this year across each of the market segments surveyed, and some of these gains are considerable (NEC up 10 percent in education). Epson, the #1 brand in sales, maintains its top spot in education and takes the #1 spot in government for the first time this year. Unaided free recall is extremely important to ensure that your brand comes to mind to be included in the important pre-purchase research.

Some strong increases are also seen this year for brands that have previously suffered from lower overall unaided brand awareness. Awareness for Optoma, Dell, and Hitachi is improving greatly and beginning to reflect their current market shares.


A clear picture is forming with regard to some of the most important projector purchasing factors and the brands that are being associated with them. When asked which brands could be described as offering excellent quality and reliability, Panasonic and Sony are the brands that are most highly rated.


Panasonic is the most considered projector brand for purchase overall this year and NEC does well again as the most considered brand for purchase among those in large corporations, while Epson continues its dominance in the education market. Sony, InFocus, and even Sharp hold their own on this measure, posting gains in important market segments.

Many brands were researched in-depth and each show significant strengths and weaknesses in certain areas. Brands that are analyzed in depth include: 3M, Dell, Dukane, Eiki, Epson, Hitachi, InFocus, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, Runco, Sanyo, Sharp and Sony.

This extensive 360-page report reveals detailed customer insights and analysis with regards to branding and mindshare. If interested in purchasing the full report, contact Tanya Lippke, director of survey market research, at (207) 783-0055 or